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St. Francis High School is one of the finest Catholic schools in the Chicago area. Nevertheless, we must continually evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities of educating students.
St. Francis High School is one of the finest Catholic schools in the Chicago area. Among all the investments made here, none will have a more lasting impact than those gifts added to the St. Francis High School Endowment Fund.

A strong endowment is the “story behind the story” at the most successful schools, universities, and cultural institutions across the country. The institutions that set the standards of quality, push the frontiers of innovation, and sustain greatness over generations are, almost without exception, those with strong endowments.

At St. Francis High School, we’ve built an extraordinary school through the talent and commitment of visionary leaders, gifted educators, and dedicated families since 1957. And so far, our endowment has played only a modest role in our success.

While other schools stand on stronger endowments, we’ve built an excellent school by making exceptionally careful use of our resources, identifying and developing outstanding talent in our faculty and staff, and inspiring the generous support of our families and alumni year after year. Imagine what we could do if, in addition to those defining strengths, we also had a truly strong endowment…

A stronger endowment will enable St. Francis High School to:

  • Invest in innovative program ideas, take risks and continue pursuing new ways to enhance an already-great educational and developmental experience for our students.
  • Attract, develop, and retain the strongest faculty in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Keep St. Francis High School accessible by controlling tuition growth and funding greater financial aid for families.
  • Maintain and enhance our campus without relying as heavily on tuition or campaigns.
  • Sustain a financially strong school through fluctuations in the economy and environment.
  • And, most importantly, ensure that St. Francis High School will thrive and be available for future generations of students.

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